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Welcome to the second installment of our Healthwatch Cornwall CEO blog
Healthwatch Cornwall CEO blog Mario Dunn

To highlight Mental Health Awareness week last week we took the opportunity to introduce you to some of our staff who talked about the benefits of being outside and where they liked to go. I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy their short stories. Being by the sea is extremely beneficial to our mental health and there are many places in Cornwall I love to visit, especially the rugged coat around the Lizard.

I had my first Board meeting as CEO recently. We agreed our budget and our Business Plan also. The plan sets out our objectives for the year ahead and I am asking all our staff to ensure that what they do contributes to the delivery of the plan. We are here to use your experiences to help improve the health and social care services in Cornwall so our plan is focused totally on that. You can read the papers from the Board meeting on our website here and also download the Business Plan at the end of this article.

I’m really excited about some new projects we are at the early stage of developing. One of them – Planning for Parenthood, will look at the experiences would be parents have when going through pregnancy. Another, again at a very early stage, is Ageing Well – which will look at how older people use health services to improve their lives. The aim of both projects is to use the evidence we gather to inform the NHS and social care services in Cornwall so they can improve. To support this we are taking on new members of staff to help us deliver those projects.

As we begin new projects we also find ourselves nearing the end of our Safeguarding Adults project and the report for that will be launched soon. It contains key recommendations about how adults who need care can best be protected. We are launching the report at the end of May so do keep an eye out for it.


Healthwatch Cornwall Business Plan 2021/22

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