Choose well for non-emergencies just like our intern, Naomi.

Our marketing intern Naomi talks about her experience of our Minor Injuries Unit.

When my 4 year old son crushed his finger after it was trapped in a door at nursery, I knew he’d need an x-ray the same day. He was in pain, the finger was swollen and it was obvious that there was a bleed under the nail.

The first thing I did (after administering trusty Calpol) was visit the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust’s (RCHT) Urgent Care Waiting Time website to see which Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) was the least busy. 

We live near Treliske Hospital (RCHT) but obviously RCHT is for very serious emergencies and my son’s injury was not appropriate.

When using the website we considered driving all the way up to Newquay MIU as it was empty and the waiting time was 0 minutes but in the end we chose to visit the Falmouth MIU – there were two patients and the wait was only approximately 30 mins. Falmouth MIU also had an open X-Ray facility as well as being nearer home. Camborne and Redruth MIU had an extremely long wait and quite a few patients waiting so that was a definite no for us.

While I was searching down the list – I could see for myself the emergency department was over stretched. The waiting time was over 2.5 hours and there were more than 40 patients in the department receiving care.

Once we arrived at Falmouth MIU and checked in with the receptionist we refreshed the website to see that they had updated the waiting time and number of patients to include us – this meant we knew the website was updated regularly.

When the nurse checked over my son’s injury he was immediately sent for an x-ray and subsequently had the blood drained from under his nail to help relieve the pain and pressure. He was bandaged up and was feeling much better.

We were out of Falmouth MIU within 1.5 hours of arriving. We knew we had done the right thing. Checking the MIU waiting times saved us from auto-piloting to Camborne and Redruth MIU where we could have been waiting for hours.

If you ever need to visit MIU for a broken bone, sprain, burn or other injury, check the website here and get the right care, in the right place.