One of the main things that attracted me to work for Healthwatch Cornwall is the fact that it puts the individual’s experience of their health and social care services at the heart of all it does. I have long been an advocate of the change and improvements people can make for their communities.

Our remit at Healthwatch Cornwall is to represent the voice of the people in Cornwall in effecting positive changes in care services. And that’s why our latest campaign, It Starts With You, is playing a central role in encouraging more people to talk with us.

All of your stories build a picture of what is happening within the county’s health and social care sector. Since we began in 2013 we have addressed numerous issues that are important to people such as care at home, autism diagnosis for children and end of life care.

We need to find out more, through your feedback and our It Starts With You work, on three themes we want to work on over the coming months because they are of great concern to many people.   These areas are mental health, access to an NHS dentist and GP appointment waiting times.  We have considered some of these issues before and want to ensure that our former recommendations have been met, revisit any particular concerns and research emerging areas of difficulty.

All of the feedback we collect can be recorded anonymously, but we also encourage people to consider allowing us to tell their story. This enables us to show others how speaking up can have a great impact on decisions made by commissioners and providers of care services.

Without your input, we cannot achieve positive change but with your story it can happen.

Call us on 0800 0381 281, visit the It Starts With You web page and use #ItStartsWithYou to join in on social media. Your voice matters.