Radiotherapy consultation

PLEASE NOTE: We have helped secure an extension to this deadline. You now have until January 24 to take part.

NHS England has launched a consultation on radiotherapy services. The consultation is seeking feedback on a new specification for adult radiotherapy services.

The development of the proposed service specification sits alongside NHS England’s £130 million investment in radiotherapy equipment, which was announced last year and is aimed at delivering the vision for radiotherapy services. The proposed specification sets out how modernised services should be organised across England so that patients can access sustainable, high-quality and safe treatment. It also describes the benefits of doing things differently, and why the changes are needed

The specification has been developed by talking to doctors, nurses, radiographers and public and patient engagement groups and was informed by a period of stakeholder engagement in 2016.

A report of this work is available.

Through the consultation, NHS England will be seeking more views on these proposals from patients, carers, members of the public, clinicians and anyone else who may have an interest in radiotherapy services.

Read the Radiotherapy Service Specification and Consultation Guide.

How people can give their views

NHS England is keen to receive feedback and answer questions on the proposals for the vision of radiotherapy services across England.

Feedback will help NHS England to further shape and refine proposals for the delivery of safe and effective high quality radiotherapy services that are easy for people to access and meets their needs.

The consultation period ends on December 18, 2017. Take part soon:

Staying informed about developments in radiotherapy

If you would like to stay informed about NHS England’s work on radiotherapy, you can register as a stakeholder of the Radiotherapy Clinical Reference Group.

If you have any questions or comments about the consultation, please get in touch via

For further details and to take the survey online, visit: