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Alternatively, visit the following websites to access reports and information:

Care Quality Commission – www.cqc.org.uk

NHS England – www.england.nhs.uk

Healthwatch England – www.healthwatch.co.uk

NHS Kernow – www.kernowccg.nhs.uk


PHSO Hospital Discharge report

Select Committee Review of Care at Home

Following Healthwatch Cornwall's extensive work to highlight concerns brought to its attention since 2014, the final review of Care-at-Home services has been published. Healthwatch Cornwall wishes to note that it does not support the Council's view in relation to the section 'Patient Voice'. Healthwatch Cornwall will act on concerns whether raised by individuals, service users or staff. In this instance the work was initiated by worried home care providers, with subsequent feedback obtained from people receiving care at home (70+ responses). Reaching people who are being cared-for at home is difficult and higher numbers may have been achieved if the Council had been able to provide details of individuals in receipt of home care. Healthwatch Cornwall is pleased its work helped initiate closer links between the Council and providers.

Director of Public Health’s Annual Report 2015/2016

Mental Health Review

Independent report by the Mental Health Taskforce that sets out the start of a ten-year journey for transformation.

Public satisfaction with the NHS in 2015

Results and trends from the British Social Attitudes survey

Pioneer Annual Report

Discharge - Systems Resilience Group

Healthwatch England Annual Report

The 2014/15 report highlights examples of how the network of 148 local Healthwatch, and its thousands of volunteers, have enabled Healthwatch England to highlight what matters most to people and effect change.

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Annual Report

Derriford Hospital CQC rating

Read more at http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/RK950

Peninsula Community Health CQC rating

King's Fund Healthwatch Review

Freedom to Speak Up Review

King's Fund - priorities for the next government

Care Quality Commission Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2013/14

Care Quality Commission Mental Health Act 2013/14 Infographic

Derriford Hospital CQC rating

Read more at http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/RK950

CQC Accident and Emergency Patient Survey