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Why? Because Healthwatch Cornwall can respond to collective issues raised by the public.

The more concerns that are brought to its attention about a certain issue the quicker it can take action, and the more power it will have to make positive changes, if needed, to publicly funded care. This is your opportunity to speak up as your experiences are invaluable in creating changes for the better.

Have your say about your  health and social care experiences using the form below, or review an individual service provider if you have feedback specific to them.

Please note: Healthwatch Cornwall does not deal with individual complaint cases. For information on how to make an individual complaint please click here.

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You can also leave feedback or access help and information in relation to health and social care services via Healthwatch Cornwall’s freephone service on 0800 0381 281  – some mobile networks may charge.

How are we doing?

Along with your knowledge about local health and social care service issues, Healthwatch Cornwall would also like to know your views on how it operates. Positive or negative feedback is welcome - contact the team today.

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