Workplace changes and employee health in Cornwall

What resources does Cornwall have to support employee health and wellbeing? What does Cornwall need?
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For the second installment in a series of collaborations between Ask Cornwall and Cornwall Link, we look to explore and discuss what resources, assistance and support is both available and needed for Cornwall residents in light of recent changes to working patterns and workplace routine.

With the ONS reporting that 46% of people have been working from home some of the time during April 2020, a trend has been emerging across the UK and in Cornwall that has seen a major shift in the way we work. Whilst this has created some positive changes such as less time commuting and saving on petrol for those working remotely, the impact on employee health and wellbeing post-lockdown is incredibly important to consider.

Many resources are available nationally such as The Government's 'five steps to working safely' during COVID 19 here, Cornwall Councils workplace wellbeing guidance here with Mind even having their own head of workplace wellbeing which you can find out more about here.

We want to discover and discuss more about what exists locally for the people of Cornwall to support them with their health and wellbeing, weather that’s working remotely whilst managing childcare or navigating new social distancing measures placing strain on the hospitality or manufacturing industry.

We will be publishing and sharing helpful content, resources and support throughout the month as well as creating opportunities to get involved yourself on Ask Cornwall and Cornwall Link using the hashtag #CornwallWorkHealth. Lookout for further resources, support and ideas to help with your health and wellbeing at work on our website, social channels and newsletters throughout the rest of the month.

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