NHS England launches South West oral health online patient survey

NHS England want to understand more about the oral health (mouth and teeth) of people who live in the South West and want to hear your feedback about services in Cornwall.
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Access to dental care and oral health is something we follow and monitor very closely here at Healthwatch Cornwall and we always encourage residents to come forward to tell us about any challenges they are facing with access and quality of care.

We are pleased to share and support this piece of work from NHS England who are currently conducting an online survey to understand more about the oral health (mouth and teeth) of people who live in the South West. 

The survey is looking to understand everything from your experiences of getting dental treatment to ideas on how dental services can be improved, please do share your experience with them online, by post or over the phone using the resources and access information below.

Results and findings from this survey will help to shape and develop plans for services in the future so please do spare some time to complete if you can.

Take the survey online:

full survey short survey

Take the survey by post: 

South West OHNA
Ottaway Strategic Management Ltd
7 Park Road
West Sussex

Take the survey over the phone.

If you want to complete the survey by phone, please call Martin from Ottaway Strategic Management on T: 07985 441 304.

Download survey

Download survey

Cornwall emergency dental care

We would also like to remind residents in Cornwall that if you are in need of emergency dental care and assistance you can access emergency support using the contact details below:

0333 405 0290


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