Middle aged drinking

There has been some information on the news recently about middle-aged drinkers who don’t fit the standard perception of an alcoholic, but who nevertheless drink more than the recommended 14 units of alcohol per week.  Social drinkers, who get into the habit of opening a bottle of wine when they get home from work, or who have a ‘nightcap’ every day, can easily tot up more units than is recommended, without ever being drunk.

Public Health England is launching a new campaign with the alcohol education charity Drinkaware to encourage ‘drink free days’. Taking a day off from drinking helps clean the body, and is a step towards a more healthy lifestyle.

For more information about Drink Free Days, see their website.

Other organisations which are seeking to help include Club Soda, which wants to create a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol, and has helpful tips and trackers to help people give up alcohol for a day a week, or for a month, eg Dry January.

Drink Wise Age Well, a support programme for people over 50 run by the substance-abuse charity Addaction, has launched a web chat service for those worried about their drinking. You can find out more on their website.


Copy from Cornwall VSF