Take part in osteoarthritic hip or knee problem research

Over the past 9 months an analysis of the current state of the osteoarthritic hip and knee pathway has been completed to help commissioners and providers understand the overall pathway and experience for patients and clinicians.

This analysis has included a wide range of providers such as the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, Cornwall Foundation Partnership Trust, doctors (GPs), independent providers (such as the Duchy Hospital and small independent physiotherapists) and also different clinician groups including GPs, physiotherapists, surgeons, nurses, occupational therapists.

To date there has been some patient and public involvement in this work but NHS Kernow would like to create the opportunity for people to volunteer to help increase the level of this engagement.

Participation will assist in the development of a deeper understanding of the current state of the pathway, and contribute to the co-design and development of the pathway in the future.

It is expected that the initial commitment require from volunteers would be a one to two hour session in early to January 2018, with a follow up session of 1-2 hours in early Feb/ March.

If needed there may also be a further session in late April 2018.

If possible, although not essential, NHS Kernow would like the people involved to go out to their wider community/ population to get a broader perspective to feed back into the design of the pathway.

The sessions will be relatively informal with an emphasis on co-design (working together), development and testing out detailed patient pathways and information.

People who have experience of osteoarthritic hip or knee problems, including joint replacement, and also those who have no direct experience of the condition are being sought to take part.

The sessions will be held at locations across Cornwall and some will be timed to enable those people who work during ‘office’ hours to contribute.

Although not confirmed, NHS Kernow would potentially also like to involve these people in the future to help deliver and reinforce the change across the health care system.  This may involve discussing experiences/ thoughts with clinicians in subsequent facilitated sessions to help demonstrate the need to change pathways.

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Copy supplied by NHS Kernow.