Local businesses offering home delivery and assistance for those in need whilst self-isolating

Anyone self-isolating in Cornwall that has mobility issues or lacks a support network can use this list as a reference for local assistance.

There has been a heartwarming response to the Coronavirus situation with an uprising of support from local businesses in the area, all mobilising to offer home deliveries and support services for those that need assistance.

Self-isolation, social distancing and staying at home can present challenges for vulnerable age groups, those with mobility issues or those who lack their own transport or support network.

Healthwatch Cornwall have collated a list of a range of businesses from across the county who are offering support to those in need so download our useful document and search for someone in your area who is here to help you.

Healthwatch Cornwall can also be contacted on the following phone and email if you need further assistance

T: 01872 273501


Home Delivery & Support - Directory

Download link below:

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